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Website Design & Development

If you are thinking of investing some of your marketing budget in a new website or even revamping your own website you have come to the right place. Too many web design companies can be short sighted when it comes to web design and focus entirely on the visual side of the website, ignoring equally as important factors like accessibility, functionality and usability. The website must be user friendly, accessible by all and perform its required functions. Potential customers are spoilt for choice and if their browsing experience on your site is sub standard they will look elsewhere.

Web Design

We find it best to work with clients from a very early stage of web design, assessing the needs of the site to determine the size and possible layout. For all sites especially larger ones it's like setting a good foundation for a building and can save time and effort in the long run. We listen to clients requests to try to come up with a website design that they love and can be happy to keep for a long time. We can design a set number of templates for the user to choose from and these templates can be fine tuned until the client is completely happy.

Web Development

If you already have the web design taken care of but need some web development we can help out there too. We can make changes to sites, add sections or add functionality. Give us a call to discuss your web development needs and you wont be disappointed.

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts provide another source of income for businesses with a website with a large number of people shopping online, why not make use of the website traffic that you have to try to turn it into instant sales. Your website stays open 24 hours a day so you can provide a more convenient shopping experience for your customers whenever they want.

We can create custom shopping carts using your choice of payment gateway such as Realex or paypal, or we can modify an open source shopping cart of your choice.

Web Hosting

Our professional linux web hosting packages are the ideal solution for your on-line presence. If you want to run a forum, an online shop or just set up a personal home page our Hosting packages are for you. We will create a dynamic site using a server side scripting language of your choice. If you prefer to use PHP or PERL with a MySQL database

Search Engine Optimisation

The Internet can be a very powerful medium to advertise in todays extremely competitive environment so why not try to get ahead of your competitors and attract new customers.

Most websites developed today have a huge emphasis on the design of the website while overlooking the key function of the site which is to attract visitors. So many of the sites once designed just sit online with little or no traffic. The 2 main types of Search Engine Optimisation that you will want to consider are Organic Search Engine Optimisation, and Pay Per Click (PPC). It is important to undestand the difference in order to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

The main goal of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign should be to acheive high rankings for your desired keywords with the free listings of major search engines. This can take time to acheive and may require ongoing analysis of the website to monitor and tweak performance. If a good foundation is laid by designing a site with Search Engine Optimisation in mind it can save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising is the best way of getting a site listed in google quickly. Once you decide on your preferred keywords and a daily budget you can have a pay per click advertising campaign bringing visitors to your website immediately. The biggest selling point is the control over your advertising buget, you can decide to advertise only in specific regions or at specific times of the day and you only pay if your advertising brings a visitor to your site. Analysis of the reports gives specific information as to which keywords are performing, this info is then used to tweak the campaign and improve results

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